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Hibiscus Sabdariffa, grows well in most tropical regions of the world. It is also known by common names like Roselle, Rosella, Red Sorrel, Indian Sorrel, Karkade and Florida Cranberry. The plant takes 3 months to mature, after the buds open up, the flowers drop off after a day, leaving the calyces to develop. These bright red calyces are the edible portion.

Throughout where it is grown, it is known as a powerful medicinal plant with great healing properties. Traditionally, it was used in teas or mixed with other herbs to be served as a healthy hot drink or tonic. The main functional ingredients of Roselle are very powerful antioxidants called anthocyanins and vitamin C. These anthocyanins are active free radical scavengers and act as anti-oxidants in our bodies. This is nature’s way to keep us healthy.

Besides being a great tasting thirst quencher in the hot climates, health benefits include reduction of cholesterol resulting in lowering of blood pressure, relief of urinary tract infection and constipation. These are among the benefits we and our customers have experienced.

Globally, consumers today are aware of the benefits of healthy foods in their diets. Understanding this trend, manufacturers are constantly searching for natural alternatives to synthetic flavours and colours. Hibiscus provides this solution, fitting the trend perfectly. The winning combinations of Health, Colour & Taste make Hibiscus a very desirable ingredient for almost any application.